After Treatment

It is important to think positively. TB treatment does cure TB. Drug resistant and multi-drug resistant TB can also be cured.

Believe in TB treatment

Once you have finished your treatment you may worry that your TB will return, but try not to worry unnecessarily.  TB treatment is very effective, and it will not be stopped until you are better. Though like everyone else, you will still get ill with other things from time to time.

Once your course of TB treatment is finished, you will have some tests to make sure you are clear of tuberculosis. You might need more treatment if tests show there is still bacteria, but most people will get the all-clear. Your treatment will not be stopped until you are cured.

You can catch TB more than once, if you are unlucky enough to breathe in TB bacteria at another time. Always take new TB symptoms seriously and get them checked out by a doctor.


Now you are cured

TB treatment has a very high cure rate. Once your treatment is finished you might feel like looking at your life with new eyes. You have achieved a lot! Many people who have beaten TB choose to tell others about their experiences, to help encourage them through treatment or to raise awareness about the illness and its effects.


You may like to be involved in the TB Action Group (TBAG). This is a network for people affected by TB in the UK, which works nationally to raise awareness, provide peer support and improve TB services.

To get involved, please visit
or call 01273 234029 for more information.

Whatever you decide to do, be proud that you have beaten tuberculosis!